End of Day Wrap Up 02/10/2021

Today was an amazing day for my OTC plays and the last of my “penny” stocks. SNDL my long swing from last year finally broke above $3.50 today, and I am absolutely ecstatic. It’s my last penny stock (excluding OTC) and I am so proud of how far it’s come from it’s low of $0.14 back in October 2020. I took position back then around the $0.20 mark, and have been swinging, and repositioning ever since. I have SNDL in many different accounts, two of which I plan on holding long term, and the others will probably be closed out and re-positioned if there’s a major pullback.

The Highlight of the Day: Sundial Growers Inc (SNDL)

GAXY hit its HOD at $0.086 today, and I set a stop loss just in case because it’s had a really hard run the last week. I’ve held GAXY since last year, and I’ve closed out 90% of my position. I do plan on adding back to my full position, but because I know how this stock moves, it tends to pull back extremely hard over a few weeks. I will be monitoring and seeing how it moves. I moved my profits over to a variety of double zero OTC positions to set up as I’ve noticed more traders have moved over to trading OTC since there aren’t many penny stocks left.

On Watch Tomorrow

I will be watching SNDL, OCGN, HCMC, TSOI, HAON, and BDTG, along with all the positions listed below.

How to Utilize My Positions List Below

Many ask how to utilize my top 10 green/red position lists below. Oftentimes, I will exit my green swing positions if it looks like there will be no continuation. My decision varies depending on what my cost price is. It’s all about managing risks, and if it looks like I’ll be in a position where, I’ll be down, I won’t hold, and will choose to reposition myself by accumulating dips on red days over a period of time until it’s ready for the next run.

To Buy On Green Days or Not

I will add to my green positions on green days only if it’s moving in the direction I like and forming higher lows, and showing a bullish chart. I make sure to scale when adding, especially on green days, because it can go south quickly.

To Buy on Red Days or Not

I will almost always accumulate my red positions because they usually move back up, unless it’s a clear pump and dump, which I will never swing because it’s too risky. If there are sharp spikes and a quick drop down, then it’s a clear pump and dump. If the chart slowly drops in price throughout the day, then that’s usually people taking profits. To make the call on re-entering or accumulating, I look at the 5D, 10D, 30D, 90D, 180D charts and I monitor the volume. I love adding when there’s little to no volume when setting up long swings.

Top 10 Green Positions (02/10/21):

  1. BTDG
  2. SNDL
  3. GAXY
  4. NAKD
  5. ITRM
  6. ACST
  7. HCMC
  8. ACB
  9. CTRM
  10. FHBC

Top 10 Red Positions (02/10/21):

  1. OCGN
  2. SAVA
  3. MARA
  4. RCON
  5. NXTD
  6. WWR
  7. ONTX
  8. NVAX
  9. LYL
  10. TSLA

I monitor Market Movers every single day to scan for new setups. I mainly look for positions with unusual volume that are at the bottom, ready for a reversal back up, or if they remain green, I look for a bullish chart for a continuation.

As always, if you made some massive gains, be sure to support your local and small businesses. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Believe it or not, we can make a difference in keeping these businesses open!

Many have asked how to support me directly, so I’ve set up a PayPal for Donations to my blog below. Every bit helps to keep my blogging dream alive. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read.


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    Good stuff as always, Anna. What program did you use to generate this chart? Thanks.


  1. February 12, 2021

    […] finally hit $4.87 during pre-market today, and I am absolutely ecstatic. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, it’s my last penny stock (excluding OTC) and I am so happy to see how far it’s come […]

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