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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your patience over the last 5 months. Many of you know I’m all about analytics and case studies, so it was important for me to let the noise die down before I restart posting on my blog again.

For those who are unaware, at the end of May 2022, I decided to go private due to constant harassment, disrespectful comments, trolling, etc. It got to the point where my phone’s notifications were going crazy. I had people post vulgar comments under my Instagram, which I went private as well. I received emails at work, rude or paranoid comments on my website’s blog, etc. I asked for people to be civil and not be rude, but some just couldn’t help themselves. I prepped all of you beforehand when I said “you won’t like how I choose to get rid of people, but you’ll understand after it’s all said and done.”

The “Trading” Game Plan:

  1. I created a lot of noise, more noise than the people blowing up my comments; it annoyed people but I really didn’t care because the point was to get people to unfollow.
  2. I created a private swing account and had people apply to join so I can filter each person. I knew the rude ones will try to fake it til they make it, and a good amount made it in, and from there I was able to monitor their actions.
  3. I found the ones who were reporting back to their “Alphas” within the first few weeks since everything was getting aggressively shorted.
  4. I located burner accounts by IP Addresses and removed them.
  5. I had one stalker and located their physical location and made them aware I’ll take legal actions. They stopped.
  6. Accounts that changed their names/identities after attesting were removed.
  7. The ones who didn’t follow the pinned rules were removed.
  8. I stopped posting trades on my main account and I warned everyone I’ll stop so they should just unfollow. This took care of the new followers.
  9. I created a circle within the main account and the swing account to monitor the active traders. I remember everyone so those who have been showing up are the ones who will be added to the ONE circle in my main account for just swings.
  10. In the end, well over 1500 followers fell off and I removed the ones who were obsessive or very disrespectful.
  11. Now that I restored the peace within my main account, in 2023 I’ll go back to posting watchlists and keep swing alerts to the circle.
  12. Those in the swing filter account can unfollow that account now if you’d like. You’ve all passed the filter. If you’re already following the main account, I’ll be adding you to that circle. I won’t be posting in the filter account until the next time I need to filter people again. Those in the swing group, please don’t reapply if all of this happens again lol.

For those who are new and wanting to follow my account, someone needs to vouch for you otherwise I’m not interested in having a larger following. It’s nothing personal; I just know my worth and prefer to keep my circle small. Changing 300 lives is more than enough for me.

Again, I hope you all understand why I went to this extent to keep the integrity of my trades. It was worth it to me, especially when my swings were solid when we were all on the same page. No amount of noise others create will make me think otherwise. I don’t need followers, I need to be accurate. I drowned out the noise while the ones who didn’t deserve me whined about this bear market. The patient ones did just fine because I caught the bottom for our swings and they trusted the process.

Now, let’s end this year strong, and bank together into the New Year. Cheers <3.

Many have requested I start a patreon or telegram to charge a service fee, however, I won’t be doing that. For those wanting to open up a new account, you can get free stocks when you open a Webull Account with my referral link that’s on the sidebar & homepage.

Paying it Forward

If you would like to help me pay it forward to help others in need, you’re welcome to donate to the link below. I typically send groceries, gas gift cards, or wire transfers to help others pay for their bills to keep the lights and water on, give cash to charities, support those selling fruit on the side of the road, and tip servers generously to hopefully turn their day around. I simply want to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Every bit helps me to help others in need as I do spend hours on my research and do not receive compensation via advertising, sponsorships, etc. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read.


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