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How to Undo Follower Request

Hello everyone,

I wanted to address some things for all who follow my blog outside of stocks and investments and those who follow my Twitter for that exact reason. Please read through if you have questions. Everyone is asking the same exact questions so this should help address them all.

Blog Comments

Stocks, Trading and Investments

I see most of your comments here on the blog. I can’t respond to them without publishing your comments and having others view them. I respect every person’s privacy, which is the reason I don’t publish any comments even though that would actually be more beneficial for my blog and increase traffic. As you all have gotten to know me more and more over the years, you know how much I respect your privacy and I will always do my best to respond when I can but I won’t be able to respond here without it showing your specific question, which is private.


I see your comments here on the blog, but due to a large amount of comments, I’m unable to get to them all in a timely manner on top of my work schedule and other social media engagements. I will do my best to get to them when I am able to find time. Please refer to the original companies with a full customer support team and FAQs for assistance.


I see your comments here on the blog, and have followed up accordingly. Once I have time, I’ll work on posting more about various business operation topics and sources next year. I do not get compensated for anything and have ensured to keep this blog 100% authentic. I don’t need kickbacks for promoting products/services.


Thank you for your comments. Since I got sick from COVID in July, I had to stop working out due to severe pain and respiratory difficulties. It’s been 4 months and I am still not back to normal. I am giving my body time to heal before I rejoin the Carb Manager community again. Once I restart working out again next year, I will rejoin the community again. I know a lot of you found me because of the monthly challenges. I just took some time away to focus on my business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Twitter

I’m in the Filter account and unfollowed your @eyelovegains account on twitter and can’t get back in. What do I do to follow your account again?

For those in the Filter Account aka my tribe aka my swing group.. I received comments from those of you who originally unfollowed my main account when I was cleaning house & trying to get people to willfully unfollow.. I have thousands (probably tens of thousands by now after 6 months) of follower requests and I cannot go through them all; I simply cannot delete/approve that many requests and I will not allow my account to be public ever again. If you requested to follow but are not at the top of the request list, you’re lost somewhere with the thousands of others requesting to follow, so good luck to ya. LOL JUST KIDDING.. I wouldn’t do that to my tribe.. do this and see if this works so you can be reunited with the rest of us.

If you see your request to follow my main account as “Pending,” follow these instructions:

How to Request to Unfollow Twitter Account and Re-Request to Follow to appear at the top of my Follower Request List

I am in the main account, but not the swing account. I want to join the swing group. What do I need to do?

If you are in my main account: eyelovegains, you are in the only account that matters because it’s been cleaned out for the most part.

What’s the ELG_Filter account for?

It will be used to filter through all new requests. I will open it publicly to monitor engagement. After, I will open up applications with attestations for the filter account for those requesting to join my main account. There will be a waiting period before they get accepted into my eyelovegains account and are welcome to join in on the fun. I will only accept a certain amount at a time to monitor the integrity of our trades. If I can’t figure out the culprit, the last group to be added will be removed. Those who match our tribe’s vibe will have the opportunity to join us; all others can keep doing their own thing.

Why go through all of this when you can start fresh?

It took 2 years for me to grow my eyelovegains account ORGANICALLY to ~9k followers. I’m not going to throw all of that away over 2k new followers who came in like wrecking balls. The whole goal over the last 6 months was to take back control of my eyelovegains account. Before my account got to 9k followers, all engagement was 98% positive and authentic. Real people were finding me from my blog, connected with my love for my family, food, entrepreneurship, cars and animals. Most got introduced to swing trading because of me. I was helping other small business owners find ways to make money while their businesses were struggling during COVID.

My group before was peaceful and respectful, but I would typically interact through my blog and Twitter when I had time to respond. It wasn’t until larger accounts started retweeting and telling people to follow (because my swings were that good), and my posts getting published by news sources that things went downhill. It brought unwanted attention (a lot of shorts) and it ruined the integrity of our trades.

I knew those who followed since 2020 knew to drown out the noise; they’ve gotten to know my demeanor over the years. I only cared about getting rid of the new followers who were disrespectful and the shorts were driven over to the filter account since they thought that’s where all my trading alerts was going to take place. You can read more about it here if you’re still confused.

There are other bigger accounts with way more followers than you. Why should I go through all of this to follow an account with so few followers?

You don’t have to do anything. I don’t pay for followers; mine find me organically. My tribe is full of real hard working people, not bots or disrespectful trolls. I know their names, occupation, strengths and weaknesses. I know when they’re caring for someone who’s ill or when they lose a loved one and tell me about it. I treat everyone with respect and show up every time they need me. I don’t pump and dump like or short on followers. I don’t need to charge for anything because I’m confident in my trades. You’re welcome to follow everyone else, but there’s no one else like me. I know my worth and have nothing to prove. Choosing who I surround myself with while growing with this many real followers is me knowing my worth and not allowing others to control me. I’m not made for everyone, I’m made for the few. Quality > Quantity and I like my circle “small.” Also, my accuracy rate is the only thing I care about; I’ll win with or without you. =)

How do I get added to the Circle?

There are only 150 slots and I will be tweaking it weekly until I see 100% are active traders. All will have early swing alerts. Everyone outside of the circle will have the next alert. The last will be for my day traders once set up properly to move higher. Everyone has a role so don’t feel like you’re left out.

Why did you stop posting food pics?

I haven’t had much time to eat since re-opening my business last month to walk-ins. I am no longer open by appointment, but working 6 days 9am-6pm, but I’m usually at the office til 7pm-8pm catching up on work. I do miss everyone sharing their food pics with me, so I’ll definitely try to post food pics when I can.

Will you be vlogging in the future?

Yes, once I have the time.

Will you do spaces on Twitter?

I’ll think about it, but no promises.

What does all this mean for your main eyelovegains account?

This means I will get to go back to focusing on solid trades with everyone now that I cleaned house. Once the rest of the swing group from the filter account joins the fun, we’ll be back to winning together. There’s still ~180 lost somewhere in limbo, most likely because they unfollowed back then and they need to undo the follow request and request to follow again so they can appear at the top of my list. Don’t forget to turn alerts on during trading hours since I’ll be alerting again on my eyelovegains account. I will be building this account to be full of active, hardworking, respectful, goal-oriented and unemotional traders all on the same page; creating a trading community built on integrity, just like I said I would last year.

In Closing

As we head into December, remember, you can turn it all around in one month. This isn’t the time to sit it out, this is the time to change your lives. Overcome your fears and focus on doing better. You are the only one creating barriers that stops you from achieving greater things. Cheers.

Paying it Forward

If you would like to help me pay it forward to help others in need, you’re welcome to donate to the link below. I typically send groceries, gas gift cards, or wire transfers to help others pay for their bills to keep the lights and water on, give cash to charities, support those selling fruit on the side of the road, and tip servers generously to hopefully turn their day around. I simply want to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Every bit helps me to help others in need as I do spend hours on my research and do not receive compensation via advertising, sponsorships, etc. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read.


Disclaimer : This should not be considered investment advice, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Do not buy or sell any stock without conducting your own due diligence. Information on eyelovegains.com is opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange anywhere has approved or disapproved the information contained herein. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The charts and data provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as examples. We are not liable for any losses you may endure from the buying and selling of stocks or securities within your accounts.

Eye Love Gains

Anna is the face behind Eye Love Gains. Her passion for helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Traders, and those struggling to rebuild their lives is the key motivation behind eyelovegains.com.

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