End of Day Wrap Up 1/26/2021

Today was an amazing day for many of my long swing positions. My portfolios tend to be a mix of red and green since they don’t all pop at once. I have 9 accounts, and each one has upwards of 10 different tickers that I set up on super red days to accumulate, and set the sell limits in the months to come.

Top 20 Green Positions (1/26/21):

  1. OXBR
  2. DLOC
  3. AIKI
  4. BIOL
  5. FHBC
  6. SAVA
  7. SRNE
  8. AQMS
  9. WWR
  10. ENG
  11. FCEL
  12. RXT
  13. FRSX
  14. PLL
  15. AMC
  16. IVR
  17. AHT
  18. TLRY
  19. HEXO
  20. KERN

Top 10 Red Positions (1/26/21):

  1. RCON
  2. OCGN
  3. ATOS
  4. POLA
  5. SNDL
  6. SUNW
  7. GEVO
  8. SPI
  9. PTON
  10. NAKD
01/26/21 Market Movers

I monitor Market Movers every single day to scan for new setups. I mainly look for positions with unusual volume that are at the bottom, ready for a reversal back up.

Today’s Top 3 Highlights:

AMC 01/26/2021 Daily Chart
Featuring: AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC) with 456.85M in volume
GME 01/26/2021 Daily Chart
Featuring: GameStop Corporation (GME) with 178.59M in volume
AIKI 01/26/2021 Daily Chart
Featuring: Aikido Pharma Inc (AIKI) with 148.8M in volume
I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Premarket to see where GameStop and AMC runs. With the current momentum, and everyone looking to squeeze shorts out, anything can happen. The beauty with setting positions up early means you get a nice safety cushion before the run. A safe trade is the best trade. Let me know if you’re just as excited to see AMC fly over the next week.
As always, if you made some massive gains, be sure to support your local and small businesses. Check out which business I supported next here. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Believe it or not, we can make a difference in keeping these businesses open!
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