Watchlist 6/23/22

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great Wednesday. Please manage your risks and read the disclosure below before even proceeding to read my trading plans. Whether futures are red or green, we’ll continue to compound those gains and keep our accounts green. May all your accounts continue to be blessed.

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Manage Risks / Trading Plan Disclosure / Tips

  1. These are my trading plans, and many ask if I’m holding this or that. If it breaks any of the dip zones that I mention or if it breaks the trend line for a swing on the 5D/30D chart, I will respect my rules and I will respect my stop loss and wait for the setup to re-enter.
  2. It does NOT matter how strong the DD/Catalysts are; if the setup or volume isn’t there; the market won’t care about your feelings when you choose not to respect your trading rules.
  3. In a bear market, POSITION SIZE IS EVERYTHING. Do NOT trade with more than 2-10% of your accounts unless you’re able to CONSISTENTLY make $100/day or 1-2%/day. You are NOT smarter than the market. The market doesn’t care if you blow up your accounts.
  4. Consistency builds good habits. The goal should be to build a strong trader mindset by being systematic, logical, unemotional, and quick to make those executions. Accountability is key; if you blame others for your mistakes; you will NEVER grow and you are setting yourself up for failure.
  5. These are MOSTLY swings (days/weeks/months DEPENDING on volume), so if 1) they do not make any significant moves, 2) news have yet to drop, or 3) they have yet to hit the price targets; that means the swing continues as long as it respects the trend line when swinging and there is VOLUME to drive PRICE ACTION. If one chooses not to respect their mental stop losses, prepare for lower lows.
  6. When I accumulate dips to build a full position while swinging, I make sure they’re holding key support levels on the 5D/30D chart. If it breaks the trend line, it is likely to gap down.
  7. Never bag hold, never average down on a loser UNLESS you’re confident it will reverse, and never turn a day trade into a swing if you do not have a set plan.
  8. For those under PDT, be careful with setting up swings too early in the day; I prefer waiting until after lunch (EST) to set my swings up (unless it hit my perfect dip zone).
  9. Once the initial dip zone is eaten, respect the trend line on the way up and only accumulate at the pullbacks that respect the trend line. Pulling us back down to the initial dip zone ISN’T a good thing; it only sets us back. The goal is HIGHER LOWS.
  10. During crucial points, when we’re build a bull flag and setting up a short squeeze, those are the times to buy the ASK so we can break the wall down for the next leg.
  11. Selling into the bid LOWERS the stock and kills momentum. There’s nothing wrong with setting sell limits, when scaling out profits, and letting it hit; but when everyone sells into the bid while shorts are shorting, this is what causes stop loss raids, therefore, the stock knifes down.
  12. Always make sure you have a day trade available in case you need to exit and reposition.
  13. It’s okay to be wrong, but it’s not okay to stay wrong. Hope doesn’t make us money; proper risk management does.
  14. Many of these are great long term plays if one was to load up on red days while respecting the trend line for setting up swings. There’s nothing wrong with buying on green days if buying the BIG pullbacks. Best way to get burned is to chase while they’re ripping upward.
  15. If these don’t run yet, and are holding new support levels, especially at my dip zone, assume I’m accumulating, and holding for a bigger move. I mainly set swings up as soon as I see signs of a reversal with anticipation of catalysts. From the original alert, expect my multi-week swings to run at least 100% with pullbacks in-between.
  16. I provide my watchlists for all types of traders. If you’re conservative, consider anything $50 and up; if you have higher risk tolerance, consider penny stocks below $2; if you’re in the middle, consider anything between $2-$50.
  17. When trading large caps, it is normal for it to move ~0.5-6%. When trading mid caps, it is normal for it to move ~5-15%. When trading small caps, it is normal for it to move ~8-30%+. When assessing goals, it’s important to make sure to take in consideration a stock’s volatility and match it to your particular trading style.
  18. SSR triggered setups are my preferred setups for swinging. This does not mean that it cannot be shorted. If the volume is high, price action/momentum is there, with upcoming catalysts; then this is my preferred setup as someone who swings. I keep a mental stop in case I need to reposition my swing. Not every SSR trade will move up; there are many variables one must take into account when trading this type of setup.
  19. DO NOT enter an SSR setup if using hard stops; this RUINS the setup since it’s a bottom play setup; only those accumulating dips to build full positions for the bigger move should consider this type of trade. Hard stops will cause the stock to break CRUCIAL support levels that are needed to be established for the move up.
  20. If the market is red, consider respecting your stop losses. Stopping out doesn’t mean you’re unable to re-enter; it’s you giving yourself the best setup while managing your risks, and maximizing profit potential. Waiting for confirmation is crucial once it hits the dip zones; I would never just jump in and buy. It’s important they hold at the dip zone levels. If it breaks below, I typically wait for it to reclaim that dip zone before scaling in.
  21. I do NOT hold all stocks listed below. I provide a list of top mentions/trending/abnormal volume movers/upcoming catalysts/earnings/conservative large caps. You decide what you trade based on your preference.


Monitor volume for these in the coming weeks. Movement may be due to Analyst Upgrades, whales being spotted, or trending due to catalysts. Do your due diligence first. If it’s a news play; possibly keep them as day trades. I’ll highlight in after the fact as my way of recapping what ended the day green from my watchlist I shared from the previous day.

  1. REV
  2. BOXD
  3. MULN
  4. RDBX
  5. RDBXW
  6. ADN
  7. AUVI
  8. SIDU; SSR triggered on 6/22 & on for Thu 6/23
  9. CMRA
  10. AERC; SSR triggered on 6/22 & on for Thu 6/23
  11. BLUE
  12. TXTM
  13. XELA
  14. GGPI
  15. SIGA
  16. VIEW
  17. SPCE
  18. VERU > red
  19. MSPR
  20. MREO; SSR triggered on 6/22 & on for Thu 6/23
  21. CEAD; SSR triggered on 6/22 & on for Thu 6/23

Oil/Gas Stocks to Watch

I accumulate my oil stocks while crude oil is red. It’s easier than chasing once it reverses back up. Watch for a reversal heading into next weekend as we approach Father’s Day weekend, Graduation, and summer vacation. The sentiment across the board is that gas and oil will rise higher over the summer. If crude oil flips red, that’s the best time to start accumulating to build a position to swing.

  1. INDO – 52.29% SI
  2. VTNR – 20.38% SI
  3. IMPP – 14.54% SI
  4. HUSA -12.41% SI
  5. ENSV – 3.54% SI
  6. MARPS – 2.91% SI
  7. MXC – 1.94% SI
  8. SNMP – 47.09%
  9. USWS – 9.14% SI
  10. CEI – 6.56% SI
  11. XOM – 1.21% SI
  12. CVX – 1.19% SI

Food Shortage/Agriculture Stocks to Watch

Monitor the news if trading any of these. Anytime the news mention food plant explosion, farm/crop fires, rising food price, etc. watch these for movement. Volume is everything, so follow the volume if you notice abnormal volume pour in. I like to trade the leaders and avoid weaker sympathy plays.

  1. AGRI
  2. VGFC
  3. MF
  4. RIBT
  5. SVFD
  6. WEAT
  7. EDBL
  8. FPI
  9. CAG
  10. LAND
  11. ANDE
  12. GIS
  13. GO
  14. K
  15. SEB
  16. ADM


If entering the day of, I like to keep them as day trades unless there’s a clear direction of whether it should be a short or long swing. Unless I’m confident in the earnings result, I do not like to hold through earnings. For tech large caps, even if earnings are mediocre, as long as guidance is strong; it tends to see a bullish move.

Thursday 6/23/22

  1. ACN
  2. RAD
  3. DRI
  4. VIEW
  5. FDS
  6. FDX
  7. BB
  8. SWBI

Friday 6/24/22

  1. CUKPF
  2. KMX

Many have requested I start a patreon or telegram to charge a service fee, however, I won’t be doing that. For those wanting to open up a new account, you can get free stocks when you open a Webull Account with my referral link that’s on the sidebar & homepage.

Paying it Forward

If you would like to help me pay it forward to help others in need, you’re welcome to donate to the link below. I typically send groceries, gas gift cards, or wire transfers to help others pay for their bills to keep the lights and water on, give cash to charities, support those selling fruit on the side of the road, and tip servers generously to hopefully turn their day around. I simply want to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Every bit helps me to help others in need as I do spend hours on my research and do not receive compensation via advertising, sponsorships, etc. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read.


Disclaimer : This should not be considered investment advice, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Do not buy or sell any stock without conducting your own due diligence. Information on is opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange anywhere has approved or disapproved the information contained herein. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The charts and data provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as examples. We are not liable for any losses you may endure from the buying and selling of stocks or securities within your accounts.

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