Watchlist for Thur 4/21/22

Main Watch


I’ve been watching MDVL over the last few weeks to get a feel for its pattern. My main concern was making sure it’s not a pump and dump, otherwise it would not be a good swing candidate. After watching it form higher lows over the last 2 weeks, it’s starting to look like the right swing setup for a strong run.

MDVL is under SSR (Short Sale Restriction) on Thursday 4/21/22. Today’s high of day (HOD) was $3.19 with the first pullback to $2.50-$2.71 levels. We’ll be looking for the next leg back above $3. Once we consolidate above $3, the goal is to break previous highs from 4/18/22 of $3.34. If we can consolidate at the $3.50 range, the next leg up will be $4. If we can slowly set up a flag, and consolidate, we should be able to break $5 levels. The goal is to get to the analyst’s price target between $5 and $8 over the next few months.
1 Day, 30 minute chart for MDVL 4/20/22
30 Day, 1 hour chart for MDVL
1 Year, 1 Day chart for MDVL


VERU closed at $11.76, hitting an intraday high of day (HOD) of $12.35 and low of day (LOD) of $11.12, triggering SSR for tomorrow 4/21/22. We’ll be looking for the next leg back above $12-$13. Once we consolidate in the $13 level, we can move up towards $14-15 range. The goal is to form higher lows over the next few months, under we reach the Analysts’ price targets of $24 and $36.


ATER triggered SSR today again, after major selloff and shorting since yesterday after hitting HOD $7.26. Watch for new support levels to form tomorrow before jumping in. If $5 levels are reclaimed, then look for a move back above $5.50-$6 levels.


MULN triggered SSR today, hitting a low of day (LOD) at $1.34. MULN started moving back up after hours, reclaiming $1.60 levels. If $1.80 levels are reclaimed, watch for a move back above $2.


HOUR hit a high of day (HOD) of $3.89, closing at $3.60. If looking for an entry, watch the dip to $3.40 levels during the morning flush. Tomorrow watch for the move above $4. If consolidation occurs at the $4 level, watch for a push to $5-$6 levels.

Oil Stocks to Watch for a Reversal

  1. INDO
  2. HUSA
  3. IMPP
  4. ENSV
  5. CEI
  6. USWS
  7. MXC
  8. MARPS



  1. AAL
  2. AN
  3. DGX
  4. SNAP


  1. AXP
  2. VZ

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