Watchlist for 4/25/22-4/29/22

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. Today my multi-week swings that I’ve set up over the last few weeks finally paid off. As I mentioned, trade these day by day, and never be afraid of repositioning if needed, until the catalysts drop. The whole point is to have a position before the news drop when it comes to these long swing setups. Remember, risk management is EVERYTHING. Do not bag hold, EVER.

Main Watch


SBFM has been a long swing for me and one that I’ve monitored over the last year, primarily following their flagship anticancer compound, Adva-27a, which has shown to be effective at killing different types of multidrug resistant cancer cells, including: breast cancer cells (MCF-7/MDR), small cell lung cancer cells (H69AR), uterine cancer (MES-SA/Dx5), and pancreatic cancer (Panc-1). I was anticipating many catalysts for 2022 based on their pipeline, and everything has fallen into place one by one.
Today Sunshine Biopharma Inc. announced that it “filed a provisional patent application in the United States covering the recently communicated mRNA molecules found in pre-clinical trials to be effective at destroying cancer cells grown in culture. The patent application contains composition and utility subject matter pertaining to the structure and sequence of the relevant mRNA molecules.” The market reacted as expected, and SBFM saw high of day (HOD) $4.80 and consolidated all day between $4.00-$4.28 levels, closing at $4.01.

We’ve consolidated in the $4 range, and if there is another pullback tomorrow, the dip zone may be between $3.60-3.84 range. If $4.50-$4.75 levels are reclaimed, the next leg up will be $5-$6. Once the $19.5M Private Placement At-the-market offering closes on Thursday 4/28/2022, price target in May will be above $12.


VERU, another long swing for me announces “Oral Late-Breaking Presentation of Phase 2 Data of Sabizabulin for the Treatment of Hospitalized Severe COVID-19 Patients at High Risk for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome at the 32nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.”

It hit high of day (HOD) $14.37 and closed at $14.10. If there is going to be a pullback tomorrow during the morning flush, I’ll watch for the pullback to occur in the $12.69 range, which is a 10% drop from the closing price, which could trigger SSR for the following day. If those dips get eaten, we’ll be looking to reclaim $13-$13.50 levels for the next leg up to $14-$16. May price target is to get to the 2 analyst PTs of $24 and $36.


LGVN has been steadily setting higher lows over the last month. This is a day trader’s dream trade since there are many opportunities to play both sides, while still setting higher lows over time. Today we saw HOD of $13.17 and LOD of $11.61. As I mentioned last week, LGVN has been very consistent at dropping news every 1-2 weeks, so the idea is to have a position before the news drops. This is a good long term swing that you reload during red days and sell during big green


MDVL is under SSR (Short Sale Restriction) tomorrow so I am anticipating that we will watch it reclaim $2.50-$2.75 levels, consolidate, and then push back above $3+. As always, if it breaks your rules, respect your personal stop loss. Expect me to respect my rules. If it breaks the trend line, I have no problem stopping myself out and repositioning.


CYN is under SSR tomorrow. If there is a dip zone, it may be in the $2.17 range, which is a 10% pullback from the closing price of $2.42. If it breaks below $2.10 levels, be prepared to reposition if necessary. If we reclaim $2.60 levels, watch for a push above $3+.

Other to Watch

  1. ARDX
  2. ATER
  3. AGRI
  4. SKYH
  5. RDBX
  6. VLON – under SSR 4/26/22
  7. DOGZ
  8. NKTX
  9. SNDL
  10. TLRY
  11. CLVR
  12. BBIG
  13. MULN
  14. HYMC

Oil Stocks to Watch for a Reversal

  1. INDO
  2. HUSA
  3. IMPP
  4. ENSV
  5. CEI
  6. USWS
  7. MXC
  8. MARPS



  1. UPS
  2. GE
  3. PEP
  4. MMM
  5. JBLU
  6. MSFT
  7. GOOG
  8. CMG


  1. BA
  2. SPOT
  3. HUM
  4. ADP
  5. PYPL
  6. F
  7. PINS
  8. HTZ


  1. TWTR
  2. NOK
  3. LUV
  4. MA
  5. MCD
  6. DPZ
  7. AMZN
  8. ROKU
  9. INTC
  10. HOOD


  1. XOM
  2. CVX
  3. HON

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