Weekly Watchlist 03/15/2021-03/19/2021



  1. MARA
  2. HUTMF
  3. ARBKF
  4. RIOT
  5. SOS
  6. CAN
  7. BLCN
  8. EBON
  9. FTFT
  10. NXTD (sympathy)
  11. BRQS (sympathy)


  1. WWR
  2. CBAT
  3. OPTT
  4. SUNW
  5. SPI
  6. POLA
  7. PLL
  8. PPSI
  9. GEVO
  10. FCEL
  11. TRCH
  12. LTBR
  13. MMMW
  14. SNPW

Upcoming Catalysts in March/April

  1. OCGN
  2. ACAD
  3. AVEO
  4. KDMN
  5. VIR
  6. GSK
  7. NVAX
  8. ANAB
  9. GRAY
  10. AFMD
  11. GME
  12. AMC

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  1. March 15, 2021

    […] The overall market will most likely open up green in light of news that the stimulus checks have already started to hit bank accounts. I will be watching for sympathy plays to run together, and once I am able to catch those patterns, I’ll make sure to alert. Check out the upcoming week’s Watchlist here. […]

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