02/08/2021-02/12/2021 Weekly Watchlist for Swing Positions

AMC Long swing
  1. OCGN – Ocugen, Inc. (Offering Selloff)
  2. TANH – Tantech Holdings Ltd.
  3. VISL – Vislink Technologies, Inc.
  4. DKNG – Draftkings, Inc
  5. PEP – PepsiCo, Inc.
  6. PHUN – Phunware Inc
  7. BIOL – Biolase, Inc (Offering Selloff)
  8. GAXY – Galaxy Next Generation, Inc.
  9. CTRM – Castor Maritime Inc.
  10. GHSI – Guardion Health Sciences, Inc.
  11. MARA – Marathon Patent Group, Inc.
  12. AMC – AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc
  13. GME – GameStop Corporation
  14. SNDL – Sundial Growers Inc
  15. PIXY – ShiftPixy, Inc
  16. ENLV – Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd.
  17. NXTD – NXT-ID Inc
  18. BRQS – Borqs Technologies, Inc.
  19. HCMC – Healthier Choices Mgmt Corp
  20. WWR – Westwater Resources, Inc.
  21. ONTX – Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
  22. AQMS – Aqua Metals, Inc.
  23. RKT – Rocket Companies, Inc.
  24. RXT – Rackspace Technology, Inc.
  25. LMFA – LM Funding America, Inc.
  26. GTE – Gran Tierra Energy Inc
  27. ATOS – Atossa Therapeutics, Inc
  28. ATIF – ATIF Holdings Limited
  29. CBAT – CBAK Energy Technology, Inc.
  30. CSCW – Color Star Technology Co. Ltd.
  31. BIOC – Biocept, Inc
  32. RCON – Recon Technology, Ltd.
  33. ACST – Acasti Pharma, Inc.
  34. CLOV – Clover Health Investments, Corp.
  35. KERN – Akerna Corp – Common Stock
  36. CANF – Can Fite Biopharma

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3 Responses

  1. Dipika says:

    a friend sent me your website a few weeks ago and this is amazing. You put so much work into this and it shows! I appreciate you sharing it with everyone – would love to get your thoughts on MARA and if you think it’s a long term hold

    • Eye Love Gains says:

      Hi Dipika, Thank you so much for the kind words. I like MARA and I’ve traded it over the last year. Wish I kept my original shares but we can’t predict these things. =)

  1. February 25, 2021

    […] GME, AMC, and SNDL when the news, furus, and new traders stop pumping. As usual, I published my watchlist so everyone had a few weeks to accumulate and set up their positions early. It’s important to […]

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