Others’ Belief in Me Kept My Dream Alive

As I’m receiving more online orders, I’m having to replenish my inventory. I am blessed to have such amazing supporters from all around the world including the U.S., Dubai, the UK, Canada, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, and India. I never imagined my life would turn into what it is now.

13 years ago, I was told that I should start my own blog, but it didn’t fit my life plan at the time. Now here I am starting my own blog, with a social media following (crazy to think about), with my own business (even crazier to think about), and still able to be a caretaker for my mom and brother.

Worldwide Support

Because of everyone’s support, I didn’t have to leave my career behind. In 2017, I thought my career was over because of an Employer who was upset that I resigned due to her breaching contracts, committing discriminatory acts, and harassing employees due to their race and age. I was ready to leave and enter the field of Real Estate, taking courses to rebuild my life. A few of my mentors encouraged me not to give up, and to continue pursuing my dreams. Back then, I wanted to give up and not deal with anything because of the trauma I experienced working for abusive and controlling employers. Now, it’s 2021 and I have my very own optical, and I get to see every order that comes in online and interact with every customer and patient that comes my way. Now I’m a true believer that there are lights that exist at the end of every tunnel.

Quality First, Always

Quality is something that I am meticulous about. Nothing gets under my skin more than seeing people receive glasses that would have failed my final inspections. Now, I get to ensure quality control stays in tact, rather than go with the flow and accepting that ‘barely passing is good enough.’ It’s not good enough. It never will be good enough to me. I’ve seen that happen too often with Labs providers are limited to use because of someone’s Vision Insurance. 99% of my patients pay out of pocket. 50% of patients whose insurance I don’t accept, I still provide them with that coverage, and I eat the cost because I want the patient to receive quality eyeglasses.
My patients’ vision means absolutely everything to me, that’s why I go the extra mile of inspecting every frame that is ordered from the manufacturer, rather than dropshipping them, only to run into issues and delay my patient’s orders. I inspect every completed set of eyeglasses before I dispense orders to patients. My favorite part is touching base with each person to let them know what’s going on with their order. I dislike being left in the dark, so I make it a point to not leave others in the dark. So, if you order eyeglasses through my online optical or visit me in office, be prepared for me to stay in your life forever (or when you want to get rid of me) 😁 .

All You Need is for One Person to Believe in You

As I continue building my dream, I will always remember the few who believed in me. The few who gave me the courage to walk away from abusive employers. The few who saw the potential in me when I was falling apart in 2018. I will forever be indebted to those who built me up throughout my career. Without them, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog.

Eye Love Gains

Anna is the face behind Eye Love Gains. Her passion for helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Traders, and those struggling to rebuild their lives is the key motivation behind eyelovegains.com.

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