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Happy Lunar New Year 2021 Ox 0

End of Day Wrap Up 02/12/2021

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates! Today was a rough day, as expected, due to us heading into a 3 day weekend, 4 day weekend for those who celebrate Lunar New Year....

SNDL 02-11-2021 5Y Chart 2

End of Day Wrap Up 02/11/2021

Today was an awesome day for SNDL my long swing from last year finally hit $4.87 during pre-market today, and I am absolutely ecstatic. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, it’s my last...

How to buy OTC 1

How to Trade Over the Counter (OTC) Stocks

What is Over-the-Counter (OTC)? Over the Counter (OTC) is defined as the process of how securities are traded via a Broker Dealer (B-D) for companies not listed on a standard market exchange (Nasdaq or...