Weekly Watchlist 03/08/21-03/12/21

GME Monthly Chart

Every trader has different risk levels, so my watchlist is diverse and allows one to trade according to what their comfort level is. The right setup is important so analyze each chart, have a plan in place before entering a trade. Have a mental stop loss for your trades, know when to cut losses, and respect your rules.

  1. GME
  2. TSLA
  3. DIS
  4. HCMC
  5. SOS
  6. MARA
  7. NXTD
  8. BRQS
  9. ONTX
  10. SANP
  11. SQ
  12. NVAX
  13. INO
  14. JNJ
  15. OCGN
  16. PTON
  17. VTVT
  18. VBIV
  19. SQQQ
  20. MMEX
  21. GAXY
  22. LMFA
  23. SHOP
  24. AMZN
  25. DXCM
  26. SNDL
  27. OPTT
  28. CLOV
  29. RCON
  30. ITRM
  31. OXBR
  32. ATOS
  33. AIKI
  34. AHT
  35. STAF
  36. CTRM
  37. CSCW
  38. AMC
  39. ACST
  40. BIOL

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