Day Off from Trading

Today I took a break from trading to run errands, ship out orders, and take my mom to her doctor appointments. I usually work from 3:30am-9:30pm at night. My days are long and at times I do get burnt out. I logged onto my Twitter account to check in on everyone, to try and answer questions when I’m not driving. Multitasking is a MUST in my life.

Funny story (at least to me): A few months ago, one of my friends spent a whole day with me and she didn’t last half the day. She begged for a nap in the middle of the day to re-energize. She said she is used to going to 1-3 places in a day. She didn’t realize I go to 10+ places in a day. To be able to get everyone done, I have to manage my time wisely. At the end of the day, I had to make her 3 cocktail drinks to make up for her long and exhausting day 🤣.

Well I’ll wrap this up. I have to be up in a few hours to get ready for Pre-Market Trading. Gotta make that money to support my business since I’m only opened by appointment during this time. Thank you to everyone who have made purchases at my online shop. It really means a lot to me. Without your help, I don’t know how I’d get through this pandemic.


Eye Love Gains

Anna is the face behind Eye Love Gains. Her passion for helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Traders, and those struggling to rebuild their lives is the key motivation behind Everything on is created by Anna. She beta tests various softwares and applications and conducts thorough research prior to publishing tutorials and articles. Anna is passionate about Investing and Trading as a means to fund her business ventures. Anna is also a caretaker for her mom and brother. Anna has a passion for web design, writing, laws and regulations. Anna is recognized in the Optometry and Optical Industry as paving educational pathways for the future workforce. She works with community colleges to write their academic curriculum for her industry. Anna is an ECP at her Optical, where she takes care of patients. She has previous experience working within the Government, Legal, Financial, Insurance, and Banking Industry. She also worked within Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Rehabilitation and Homeless Shelters, and as a Restaurant Manager. Her experience allows her to think outside the box when identifying issues and solving everyday problems.

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