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02-24-2021 Map 0

End of Day Wrap Up 02/24/2021

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today the rainbow came out after the storm. I was down roughly -20-25% in most of my positions yesterday, but today was redemption day. Three of my accounts finally broke its...

NXTD 5 Y Chart 1

End of Day Wrap Up 02/17/2021

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today was a pretty bloody day across the board, especially within the sectors including cannabis, EV, education, and most of the OTC market. A pullback within the market was expected, so...

OCGN 5 Y Chart 2

End of Day Wrap Up 02/05/2021

The Highlight of the Day: Ocugen Inc (OCGN) Today was an amazing day for Ocugen. This one is very personal for me because it was the first time I experienced hate on Twitter. For...